Wholesale - Organic Cotton Maine State Hike with ME Handkerchief

Having one of these in your pocket will come in useful. With each wash the fabric gets softer and softer and becomes an old friend.

Handkerchief: the multi purpose cloth made from organic cotton.

*Mopping your brow
*Blowing your nose
*Wiping away tears
*Drying your hands
*Cleaning your glasses

Design: Each design is created and hand silkscreened by myself. This listing is for my Hike with ME Design.

Size: Approximately 10" x 14"

Color: Edges are sewn with a dark brown thread.

Ink: The ink color is a nice deep green that is made from eco friendly materials.

Packaging: Each handkerchief comes with a unique postcard explaining what uses it has and good reasons to use one. To not waste this piece of card stock it has been made into a postcard to use and send to a friend to let them know how cool handkerchiefs are. The plastic packaging that holds it all together id vegetable based and can be put into your compost to break down.
(Please see second to last photo for packaging)

Made to Order: Please give one week turn around for this item.

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