Joshua Tree 🏜️ Hat - Collinsville, Mississippi

Three things that make these hats one of a kind.

💛 The patch is hand silkscreened with eco friendly water based ink onto organic cotton fabric.

🪡 🧵The stitching around the patch is hand embroidered using the good old fashioned back stitch method. The thread used is high quality and strong and varies is many colors from hat to hat.

🚐 Each hat comes with a “birthday tag”. This means that while I travel around the country in my van I will write down the date it was made and the town/state it was made in. 

Joshua Tree Hat

Hat Birthday - January 11th 2024

Birthplace - Collinsville, Mississippi

Travel Story - We landed at Twiltley Branch Campground for the night on beautiful lake Okatibbee. We were at site #32 right on the water.  It was nice to be able to change the van battery up there, take our first shower since leaving Maine, and fill up some water jugs. I believe this is also the first night I have ever stayed in Mississippi.

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