Four Pack of Hanky Seconds

If you love hankies and don’t mind some misprints, this is a fun variety pack! Each hanky didn’t make it in the running to sell as a first because silkscreening doesn’t always go perfectly. When you order a variety pack you will get a random set of hankies.

Having one of these in your pocket will come in useful. With each wash the fabric gets softer and softer and becomes an old friend.

Handkerchief: the multi purpose cloth made from organic cotton.

*Mopping your brow
*Blowing your nose
*Wiping away tears
*Drying your hands
*Cleaning your glasses

Design: Each design is created and hand silkscreened by myself. In this variety pack all prints are misprints and considered seconds.

Size: Approximately 10" x 14"

Color: Thread color sewn around the wedge cakes in each variety pack of four.

Ink: The ink color is a nice dark purple that is made from eco friendly materials.

Packaging: The four pack come neatly tied up in a ribbon. Great for gift giving and stocking stuffer.

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