Songbird 🎶 Hat - Marana, Arizona

Three things that make these hats one of a kind.

💛 The patch is hand silkscreened with eco friendly water based ink onto organic cotton fabric.

🪡 🧵The stitching around the patch is hand embroidered using the good old fashioned back stitch method. The thread used is high quality and strong and varies is many colors from hat to hat.

🚐 Each hat comes with a “birthday tag”. This means that while I travel around the country in my van I will write down the date it was made and the town/state it was made in. 

Songbird Hat

Hat Birthday - January 31st 2024

Birthplace - Marana, Arizona - near Saguaro National Park 

Travel Story - I’d like to say my gut lead me to this spot. I was on my way to another spot and stopped to get gas and something told me I shouldn’t go there and changed my mind last minute to this location. I do have to say I am nervous when I look for a new place. River is always my priority when I travel and I just want to make sure she is okay. The three mile dirt road to the gate to get into the BLM land here was a little scary as you could see the ground muddy and soft in places, but we were able to find the perfect spot for us to hang out in. The colors are beautiful here and there are so many hikes close by. Also we saw a coyote, a hawk and many little birds the day we drove in. The animals and plants are one of my favorite things to observe while I travel.





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