Crow 🐦‍⬛ Feather Hat - Marana, Arizona

Three things that make these hats one of a kind.

💛 The patch is hand silkscreened with eco friendly water based ink onto organic cotton fabric.

🪡 🧵The stitching around the patch is hand embroidered using the good old fashioned back stitch method. The thread used is high quality and strong and varies is many colors from hat to hat.

🚐 Each hat comes with a “birthday tag”. This means that while I travel around the country in my van I will write down the date it was made and the town/state it was made in. 

Crow Feather Hat


Hat Birthday - February 4th 2024

Birthplace - Marana, Arizona 

Travel Story - We have settled into a camping spot this past week and made some friends of other campers near by. Going on hikes to petroglyphs from the Hohokam tribe, and enjoying the sunrise and sunset each day. Simple living at its best. We love the desert in the winter. It is so peaceful. We have been watching the ravens fly around in the wind so I thought this hat would be fun to stitch up here.



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